We love to worship Him! We love to develop and encourage others to share the same passion and desire we have for worship and in doing this we can help uplift the Name of Jesus.

About Lee

My love of worship and music started from a young age, when I was blessed to experience my dad leading worship and mum ministering in various churches, with different ministries and within our own church.  I am blessed to have grown up through this heritage of worship and ministry, with God at the centre of our home and our lives.  I learnt that we need Him above everything else from a young age, and this has always stayed with me through my life.

I was blessed with Godly grandparents in Northern Ireland and England.  My late grandad was an Assembly of God Minister and had his own Church in Lancaster in the North West of England.  Many people used to travel for miles to be part of the revival that was taking place in his Church.  They used to queue from early afternoon for evening services where miracles of salvation and healing were occurring.  I experienced hundreds of lives being healed and transformed in a faith filled atmosphere.  We know in our hearts that it’s His anointing that breaks the yokes and we are here for now in His perfect timing.

My Dad, also a worship leader, both in his Dad’s church and for a well established evangelist travelled the USA, UK and Europe. He took me to meetings with him, and it was through this that my love for worship was born. I remember fondly the meetings that were held in Kensington Town Hall every summer where thousands of people would gather in praise and worship.

These experiences even at such a young age has left me desiring to see the same and much more – ‘once you’ve experienced being in such an atmosphere of worship, you are spoiled for anything else.’

I started to play the drums at 10 when a small snare drum was put on my desk in a music workshop at school. Lessons and hours of playing followed and I have had the privilege of playing in many Christian events.  Since leading worship from the keys for many years, the drumming has been less frequent – but I still enjoy the occasional moments of playing drums and the bass guitar.

My love for worship and desire to encourage individuals is part of the calling that God has put on my life, and believe that nothing is achieved without engaging with the Holy Spirit and allowing the prophetic to have freedom as we worship.  It’s been a privilege to minister into many lives and hear testimonies of how God has provided, made a way and see people fulfilling the plans and purposes that God has for them.  These are special moments when Heaven touches earth, and we enter His presence to hear His heart.

Rachel and I regularly lead Worship and Minister at Churches and Christian Events/Conferences in the UK. We also enjoy connecting with our good friends across the world and look forward to the future opportunities that this will provide.

During the 2020 lockdown, we have been ministering in worship and speaking online.  It has been amazing to have people join us from across the world, as we lift His name with praise.

Rachel and I married in March 2000 and in August 2014, our gorgeous baby girl Hannah was born. She is a miracle and a part of our testimony about how man’s words must align with God’s will.  She loves to worship with us and is an amazing blessing to our lives. We look forward with excitement to see His plans for her as we walk this adventure together as a family.

About Rachel

I was born and raised in Porthleven, Cornwall a beautiful coastal village, in the south west of the UK. I have fond memories of my childhood, especially of those on the beach in the summer and still love seeing the lights reflecting on the water around the harbour at night when we get the opportunity to visit.  I’m thankful to God that my parents and extended family were Christians and music was part and parcel of life.

I can remember from an early age how I would start singing and dancing when there was music … even in the middle of supermarkets much to my parent’s embarrassment… (Thankfully I have now grown out of this!).

I was blessed with two neighbours, whom I looked up to like older sisters and it is through them that I was able to learn to play the piano from the age of 9.   They sacrificed so much of their time to give me this opportunity and I am grateful to them for their time, patience and dedication.

Now…. a few years on I am privileged to be able to say that I have been involved in worship teams at church since the age of 14. I started leading in a youth worship group, then at my home church and at other events around the UK. I never take for granted both the honour and responsible position I have held through the years.

I have had the opportunity to lead and play the keyboard as well as playing and singing in support to my husband, but it is never about ‘us’ but what God can do through us. When playing in a team whether large or small there is often an unwritten language that allows us to flow with the moving of the Holy Spirit. This language is God enabled and established through both the practical and supernatural.

Lee and I have been married since March 2000 and have lived in the North West of England for all of our married life. We have a wonderful daughter called Hannah and she has enriched our lives beyond words and is a true gift to us from God. She too is demonstrating her love of music and worship and has even written her first song “God, You are Amazing”

I pray for Hannah as I will pray for you, that you will experience an even deeper relationship with Jesus and be blessed with a greater level of talent and gifting, to be used for the glory of His name.

I pray we can be a support and encouragement to you in the days that are ahead. Great days of opportunity are ours if we just take hold of what God is doing today.