2017 – ‘Healing and the start of a dream’

At the start of 2017, I (Lee) experienced appendicitis and was rushed into hospital requiring immediate surgery. We’d made plans for the year and this was a challenge but one where we knew He would lead us through. We were blessed to have many people praying for us as a family, and for a full and swift recovery for me. It’s at these times where we need to know His Word and be able to apply it to the giants that stand in front of us. As I stayed in hospital for a number of days, there were times when everything seemed to be so dark and I wondered when I would ever be able to get home and get on with life.
We never gave up and on the day I was allowed to get home, it was noticeable that the flag stood tall at the castle (This was previously not visible due to the poor weather and my inability to leave the hospital bed) – the King had entered the room and the enemy was defeated! A number of songs were key to me at this time and we decided to turn around what the enemy meant for harm into something amazing for Him.
When we had travelled to various places and churches, many people had asked for copies of our songs and where they could hear them and be minsitered to by them. After much prayer and consideration, we decided to record a live worship album. It would take a lot of time, energy and planning, but, it was something that we knew we had to do to fulfil part of the calling He had placed on our lives…..to write songs that speak ‘hope to hopeless’, ‘freedom to the captives’ and ‘joy to the downcast’. The words of ‘Heal our Land’ – you can read more about the story behind the songs in an earlier blog.
We had written a number of songs and joined with a superb group of friends who supported us in this Ministry and dream. We recorded the album at a joint event with the Christian Charity, ‘Hope For Justice’, who presented an overview of their charity objectives. We were able raise money during the evening for the charity. We were well supported by a number of family, friends and churches across the area. The dream was in motion and the reality was on it’s way.