Worship Training Day

Worship Training DayWe were delighted to host our first Worship Workshop and evening Awakening meeting in Cumbria on Saturday 25th June. Our desire was to bless the North of England, gathering worshippers together to lift His Name and to create an opportunity for everyone to make new friends with a desire to worship. We were supported by a fantastic team of people who were such a blessing to share with and lead people into His presence.

During the day we had times of singing and worshipping, and spoke on key areas to build worship teams and everyone who loves to worship. Some of these areas were as follows:

1) What worship is – worshipping together and individually etc.

2) Strategy and vision – church and individual vision and strategy.

3) Building a worship set, song writing etc.

It was lovely to see many old friends and make many new friends. We were encouraged to see other like-minded worshippers who were prepared to set time aside in busy lives, come together and praise and worship Him. Some friends had travelled many miles to be with us, and we appreciate their love and desire to build His Kingdom with us.

The evening Awakening meeting was an awesome time in His presence. We led people into worship and our friend Barry Hawthorne (whom we had met in Northern Ireland) spoke and prayed with many people. It was beautiful to see so many lives touched by God’s presence, and we continue to pray and believe for breakthroughs in every area of lives.

Rachel and I are excited to be in the planning stages for many similar events and we look forward to sharing more details with you in the future.

Stay strong!