Saturday 16th November 2019 – 7pm at Father’s House Church

Doors are open from 6:30pm



An Evening of Praise and Worship

(Refreshments served at 6:30pm)





Welcome to Our Website

Thank you for visiting our website. We want to encourage you to browse through the pages,read our story, listen to some of the recordings and read about the vision that God has put in our hearts.


We are located in the North West of England and have travelled across the country and into Northern Ireland to lead worship and speak at numerous Conferences and Events. We have loved connecting with old friends and meeting many new friends in the past few years and look forward to everything He has planned for us in the future.


We live in exciting times when God is moving across our nation calling a people to Himself in spite of all that is happening in our world today. We are experiencing this particularly through worship. We believe as we worship we give the Holy Spirit opportunity to meet with us in a personal and intimate way allowing heaven to invade our environment.


It’s our privilege to serve in this way, and we look forward to meeting many of you in the coming months. We would love to connect with you. Our email address is located in the ‘contact’ section of our website.


All God’s best!


Lee and Rachel

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We want to help everyone involved in Worship to reach their true potential for the Kingdom.

Leading Worship and Speaking

We have led Worship for many years. This has included Leading at various Churches and Conferences, supporting many Christian Leaders and Ministries.

Building Worship Teams

We have experience in leading Worship Teams. Team dynamics and Team culture provide an environment where everyone is involved.

Strategy and Vision

A key aspect for every Team is to know what it is you want to accomplish. Understanding of the Team Vision enables better working relationships with Church Leaders and Members of the Worship.

About Us

We love to worship Him! We love to develop and encourage others to share the same passion and desire we have for worship and in doing this we can help uplift the Name of Jesus.

Latest Blog Posts

Hollybush – Friday 5th July

It was fantastic to lead worship and speak at Hollybush with an amazing team. This place always has a lovely sense of His presence and as we moved into the time of worship, we could see God moving upon many lives. I introduced ‘Holy Spirit’, a song Rachel and I had...

Encounter – Saturday 15th June

It is amazing to see how God is blessing many lives through Encounter. This was our 6th gathering and we were joined by a special guest, Lara Martin. Rachel and I had been blessed through Lara’s music for many years and we were honoured that she accepted the...


Wednesday 8th May
Aglow UK, Kendal

Saturday 18th May 
Inspire Christian Church 

Saturday 15th June
‘Encounter’ with special guest, Lara Martin

Friday 5th July 
Hollybush Christian Fellowship

Saturday 31st August 
‘Encounter’ Vessels of Virtue, UK Conference 

Saturday 14th September

Saturday 5th October

Saturday 16th November
‘Encounter’ with guest, Sarah Johnson