17419555_sMany people believe for good things and dream big dreams. Often through life’s challenges and trials, hope can be the first thing to leave. What do you do when life has broken you and your worship has been muted? You feel alone, undervalued and overwhelmed. The job promotion that wasn’t achieved, the sickness that lingers, many other things happen, that can affect all of us from time to time.

It’s during these times that David the Psalmist tells us to lift our heart in praise and worship even though that seems like a sacrifice. When all else fails hope in God! We serve a God who is so much bigger than anything that can come against us. God knows the end from the beginning, and knew us before we were born.

As I write, we are expecting our first baby – we do not know the gender but whether boy or girl…he or she will be loved! It will be exciting to see this new little life in our home…a new little worshipper who has already been in the atmosphere of some great worship and teaching. We have already committed our boy or girl to Him. He or she will be His gift to us and for us to care for and love. We are responsible for helping our baby to have hope, and to have faith in Him. We have responsibility to each other also. If we choose to hang out with people who constantly tell us we’ll never make it, we may just choose to believe them! Surround yourself with people who build you up, who cause hope to rise in you and will pray and support you until you have your breakthrough.   Don’t stay in the valley of hopelessness…be a mountain climber! At first you may seem to be getting nowhere, the same challenges may still be ahead of you…but keep climbing! Keep going; keep raising your praise to God and hope will return! As your faith increases and as hope stirs your soul, the challenges start to reduce, the desperation will start to leave and a new well of joy will spring up within your soul.

This begins with what you choose it to be – a time to hope or a time to remain without hope and settle for something less than He planned for you. Friend, you’re important to Him, you’re the ‘apple of His eye’, and He loves you.

Today, whatever you are going through, give Him praise. Worship Him. He will not withhold any good thing from you because His plans for you are good.

Much love