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Blood That Flowed – ‘Choosing to bless!’

10561263_sOur Church had just completed a prophetic action in the City of Lancaster regarding the Castle. We had heard much about what this prominent site represented, and how it had impacted our local City. After 7 days of prayer, walking around the Castle and blessing the City in unison, I knew there was a song to come out of what had been prayed and released into the lives around us.

I remember arriving home after the last meeting, with words in my heart, ‘Choose to Bless’, and ‘Choose to Love’. We have a choice. We can choose to continue with what has been done before, or we can take a step of faith and in spite of difficult and testing circumstances, we can choose to bless. I sat down with my favourite breakfast mix of a coffee and a croissant and asked God for inspiration to reflect what was resonating in my heart and to convey through a song what we had prayed that morning.

‘Blood That Flowed’ recognizes the healing, cleansing and saving power in the blood of Jesus that is available for everyone who calls on His Name (Romans chapter 10 verse 13). The words in the verses describe what He did for us at Calvary, that we could come to know Jesus as our personal Saviour and be set free from everything we had ever done contrary to God’s Law. There is nothing that can stand against the blood. Absolutely nothing (Revelation chapter 12 verse 11) “We overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony”.

Longing for His Presence and more of His Spirit should be the desire of every life. We are nothing without Him, and need Him day by day. As He dwells in us and we spend time with Him, our hearts burn like a fire within us… we can’t settle for anything less… we need more of Him and long for intimacy with Him as our Father. As we encounter Him, our lives are changed into His image, ‘a blessing for those around us’ – in our work, home, school – we become the carriers of His Presence.

We then have the desire to ‘choose to bless’, to ‘choose to love’ and to ‘choose to hope’ – it is a choice! It can be easier to choose not to bless sometimes, but we’re blessed to bless others – to love and to hope. By choosing to bless, to love and to hope, I believe we can live in victory – fulfill all He has for us and to see our hearts desires come to fruition.

We pray you’ll be blessed by the song, and be a blessing to the lives of those around you.

All God’s best!


Heal Our Land

17697155_sDuring a time of teaching, key words kept resonating in our hearts – ‘Heal Our Land’. This ran deeper than a quick prayer for our city and for the nations. This was a burning within our hearts for lives to be transformed and set free from everything that has held them back. For the people to be released into their destiny and to see their God given dreams come to pass and God’s promises fulfilled in their lives.

‘Heal Our Land’ was written in March of 2014 and introduced to local Church. The heartbeat of the song is a longing deep within for healing into our communities and across the nations. A recognition that this can only be done fully by Him, but that each of us has a part to play to show the difference of a life lived for His glory with no compromise. The desire to be pure and set apart for Him, that we can then be a positive influence on the lives of everyone around us.

Day by day we encounter hurting people, who are lonely, have no hope, have no dream – they’ve lost their sparkle. We can be friends to these people, to encourage, to esteem and to build up with encouraging words and support. Everyone can do something to help someone else. Recently we visited ‘Skid Row’ in Los Angeles where we helped distribute items to the homeless and saw how homeless people help and look out for each other. How much more can we as Christians help and be a friend to those around us? It becomes more than words…it becomes an inner strength to stand and say ‘Yes’, I will be a help to those in need, and to take action to back up the words.

In Ezekiel chapter 37 verses 4-10, we read about the valley of dry bones. Where there once was a mighty army ready for war, now lay the remains of bones. Our vision of what is before us can determine our actions and future. Ezekiel saw an army, not death. He saw people ready for moving forward, not going back. ‘Let dry bones live again’ is a declaration that where there is death, dryness and hopelessness, there can be fresh hope.  When God breathes on us into those areas that have become dead, He causes us to be refreshed and to come alive.

We believe it is God’s desire to heal in body, mind and spirit. The Bible tells us, (Hebrews chapter 13 verse 8) ‘He’s the same yesterday, today and forever.’ and His Word never changes. ‘I am healed in Jesus Name’ is a declaration that we believe in the promises of God to us His children, regardless of what sickness or circumstances we are going through it is His desire to bring healing and wholeness. (Isaiah chapter 53 verse 5 and 1 Peter chapter 2 verse 24.) ‘By His stripes we are healed or made whole’.

We pray you’ll be blessed by the words of this song and impact the lives you meet.


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